Rental Services

A. AC/DC Load Banks Rental

The proven, market-leading load bank technologies of Avtron and Froment are a perfect fit with ASCO Power Technologies. Combining world-class innovation and more than 200 years total experience, ASCO is your one-stop partner that offers complete solutions that you can rely on to solve any power testing requirement.

At Pressure Systems we have AC load banks ranging from 100 KW to 10,000 KW resistive and reactive systems in single or multiple units. We also offer DC load banks capable of accepting voltages from 12VDC up to 600VDC.

Our highly skilled and experienced sales and engineering team can help you to find the correct load test solution.

B. Hydraulic Pump Rental

PSTC has a wide range of pressure testing skids for various testing applications in our rental Fleet.

Pressure testing skids from 100 PSI to 60000 PSI are available for ready to hire across Saudi Arabia.

  • Low pressure and high flow Hydro test skids
  • Medium pressure and standard flow Hydro test skids
  • High Pressure and low flow pressure test skids for oil field testing applications

Our Different Technology products for variety of applications:  

  • Air driven pneumatic pump skid
  • Diesel Engine driven plunger pump skid
  • Electrical motor driven plunger pump skid
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