Macoga,S.A Spain - Worldwide leading supplier of Expansion Joints as well as comprehensive specific solutions.

MACOGA designs, manufactures and supplies and state-of-the-art Expansion Joints suited for Energy Engineering Companies, LNG, LPG, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical ,Aerospace ,Government/ Military ,Cryogenic Engines & Turbines, Air-Conditioning & AirHeating ,Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts,Cement Plants ,Co-generation Services & Small Power Producers, Gas compression Equipment ,General Bldg Contractors ,Heavy Construction ,Hydraulic plants, Industrial Process ,Furnaces & Ovens, Iron & Steel Foundries, Mining ,Metal Working ,Natural Gas Transmission, Nuclear OEMs ,Offshore.

macago3                     Macoga Expansion Joints Supplier KSA

MACOGA uses various methods for producing the bellows depending upon a range of different contributing factors (eg. diameters, the number of sheets used, the materials used, etc.), although in all cases the Metal bellows are manufactured using seamless tubes or metal cylinders welded along their length. The methods used are as follows: Expanding, Elastomeric, Hydraulic and Roll forming.

Circular Expansion Joints are manufactured with single or multiple ply with a diameter ranging from 15 to 8000 mm.


MACOGA Expansion Joints are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with:

• E.J.M.A. (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

• ASME VIII, Div. I, App. 26

• EN 14917, European Standard for Metal Expansion Joints.

Expansion Joints are thought of as high engineering products to which end Macoga’s Quality Control Department carefully monitors each of the different steps involved in the production process itself, right from the moment the raw materials are purchased up to the final controls and tests carried out on each and every Expansion Joint which come off the production line.

MACOGA manufactures two types of Expansion Joints:

• Rubber Expansion Joints

• Metal Expansion Joints


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