Froment Load Bank

Froment - the global leader in the design and manufacture of power test solutions for the exercise and verification of diesel gen-sets, gas turbines, UPS systems, wind, solar, agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery.

Froment load banks replicate working load conditions and provide a rigorous test regime for power supplies from 1kW to many MVA.


Why use:
• Prevent light load conditions - wet stacking
• Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and governor set up
• Transient response testing - block loading
• Long term testing - heat runs
• Battery discharging
• Commissioning and verification to ISO8528
• Product research and development
• Product sign off after manufacture

Resistive, inductive or combined load banks can be customised for any application. They can be permanently connected to one power source, used for testing numerous sets in a workshop environment, or used for on-site commissioning, witness tests and proof trials.

Types of Froment Loadbanks

  • Resistive Load Banks
  • Inductive Load Banks
  • Capacitive Load Banks
  • Combined Load Banks
  • Container Load Banks
  • Load Bank Controls


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